Sunday, August 15, 2010

The remainder of my Pregnancy with Jacob

I should have finished this part long before now...

We did get a second shunt placement on 5/28/10. The good news is that overall it appeared to be working or at least partially working because his bladder did not appear full. The bad news was that my amniotic fluid remained at little to zero therefore he was not urinating enough to adequately maintain a normal level.

On June 11, 2010 the Dr's via an amniocentesis process added amniotic fluid to help Jacob develop the best that they could. We also got a growth scan this week to see that our boy was a little over two pounds at 26 weeks!

On June 13, 2010 at 1am, 26 weeks and 1 day my water broke. We knew through all the procedures that this was a possibility but had hoped that it would not happen. Scared and crying we headed into the hospital. It was confirmed my water had broken. The good news was that I was not in active labor. So, the goal was to pump me with steroids and antibiotics to try and post pone labor as long as possible up to 34 weeks if they could.

We took it day by day... excited when we made it past the first 48 hours, the first week.... It was hard at first being in a room on bed rest 24/7. It was hard being away from my girl, my family! I was stuck, a prisoner if you will, with a few extra perks. I have fabulous family and friends that would visit and bring me goodies. I had a great staff that became friends. I was able to take thirty minute wheelchair adventures that became the highlight of my day and visits with Grace. She loved riding around on our adventures! Everyday a sleugh of doctors would come visit reminding me to stay boring and daily I would remind them I was staying boring.... For 6 weeks hospital life was my life as we waited patiently, staying boring, trying to give our boy a chance to grow so that he would hopefully be eligible for dialysis when he arrived.

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