Sunday, August 15, 2010

July 26th... Welcome our Precious Baby Jacob!

Our precious boy made a quick entry in to the world on Monday, July 26, 2010. I woke up in my hospital bed to urgent contractions at 2am while I knew they were contractions I wanted to make sure. I waited and counted how far apart they where before finally calling my nurse in at 3am, to check out my progression and get the Doctors. She got me hooked up to the monitors only to not see the contractions. So, FYI... if you are having back labor like I do they do not show up on the monitors! When Doctor did a pelvic exam they found out that I was at a 5 and they could see our little Jacobs head. It's official after six weeks of waiting we will get to see our little guy! 4am I was finally calling Matt, my adorable husband, to let him know that I was heading over to Labor and Delivery and he better hurry. When Matt arrived at 4:45am the anesthesialogist was finishing up my epidural and it was almost fully active... life was a little more bearable.

Once again the pediatrician from Children's and my OBGYN sat across from us letting us know that he may not make it out of the delivery room, what they would do, what would happen.... really do I have to listen to this again? I simply reminded them that we had faith in our little boy just as we had since the beginning and we needed them to have faith in him as well and to do everything they could to give our Jacob a fighting chance! The Doctors walked out and Matt went to make a few more phone calls.

I was terrified!! We would soon know if the predictions of the Doctors would be true or not... I was crying not from pain but fear for our little boy. Would he make it out of the delivery room? Would his lungs work even though he had had such low amniotic fluid? After spending six weeks in the hospital and beating a few odds I was hopefully believing that our Jacob would continue on that path and with God's assistance proove everyone wrong! I wanted so much for all the Dr's to be wrong and to take our precious Jacob home! This was it D day!

While Matt was out making phone calls, Amanda(one of the residents I had gotten to know well over the last 6 weeks, liked and trusted) came in to check my progress ... 9!!! I quickly called Matt back in to let him know that we weren't waiting like expected! IT WAS TIME!

Everything was happening so FAST!!! They wheeled me into the Operating room because it had enough room for all my Dr's and the pediatricians for our Jacob. At 6:45am our precious boy arrived naturally into this world and he was crying! It was truly one of the best sounds I had ever heard! He was breathing!! HE WAS CRYING!! The pediatricians went to work on him right away. They inti bated him to help him breath! Jacob pulled the first tube out and they had to do it again! Our little fighter letting them all know that he was strong!!!

I sat watching them work on my baby with my OB who so kindly let me know what was happening because I still couldn't move my legs and was stuck in the hospital bed across the room. Luckily since he arrived swiftly the epidural was already starting to wear off. So with assistance they got me into a wheelchair to be closer to our boy! Jacob was born with something outside his belly. At the time they were unsure if it was an organ or what. We would learn later that day that it was his omen tum (stomach fat) that had grown outside his body. It was probably pushed there due to his inflated bladder due to the urethral obstruction.

They called for the transport team to take our Jake to Children's! We did it he was going to make it out of the delivery room! His lungs appeared to be working well, we still didn't know what had grown outside his belly, what type of urethral obstruction he had or the status of his kidneys. For the moment I was just happy that our beautiful boy was able to go to Children's we would figure the rest out as answers became available.

Our Beautiful Boy, Jacob Thomas, arriving at 32 weeks was 5 pounds, 9 ounces and 17 inches long! What a big strong boy! Can't imagine how big he would have been if given another 8 weeks to grow in utero!

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