Friday, July 9, 2010

Fetal Shunt Surgery... 5/11/10

Monday morning we found ourselves surrounded by the faces that had become so familiar. Seemed as if we should be enjoying a warm cup of coffee and a muffin instead of discussing the possible future of our unborn son. Thankful that the Doctor and sonographer had become so familiar that they felt like friends. We knew that they genuinely cared for us and our baby boy.

As always we began with an ultrasound scan of Jacob... I love this moment to see our little guy with a strong heartbeat, little kicks... As a mother I hate that my baby boy is sick and I'm helpless... No amniotic fluid, and a bladder that quickly becomes distended... today we where hopeful that they would perform the fetal shunt surgery on our little guy even though we were not in the 'good prognosis range'.

Doctor came in to remind us where we stood at this point in time and to remind us what our options where. Overwhelmed with emotions and trying desperately to not sob I was thankful that Matt could talk and tell the Dr that we knew that without the amniotic fluid it was uncertain until he arrived 'if' his lungs had developed properly, that based on the testing we knew that he may need a kidney transplant, dialysis or may not make it at all the other things... Regardless of knowing that we had a lot stacked against us we had decided that if God wanted our little guy He would take him whenever that may be but, termination is not an option and we would do everything we could to help our little boy, Jacob.

After one of many of our heart to heart we got the good news that they would do the fetal shunt surgery the following day! So excited that our little guy was getting a surgery that could really help him!!

We arrived Tuesday promptly at 11am to wait until they where ready for us. Since the surgery is performed in a C Section room on the labor and delivery floor we have to wait until all emergencies are taken care of before going back. Finally about 4pm anesthesia comes to take me back to get me my epidural and spinal tap. I would remain awake for the surgery. I was excited to hear that Matt could go back with me. It was reassuring to have him there and to let me know what was happening when. The surgery took over 2 hours and 3 shunt attempts until we got one that worked! To help understand... The shunt is inserted through a needle through my belly into babies belly were it acts as a valve to allow urine to move from bladder into space for amniotic fluid. Relieved that they had a successful shunt placement and the surgery was over we headed back to the room to wait for the anesthesia to wear off and then head home.

Today was a good day! Our Jacob had a working shunt and for now would give his kidneys some relief and he had amniotic fluid! What a blessing from God!

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